In 2008, Quebec celebrates!

Our city will be 400 years old in 2008. Four centuries of French settlement in America. In 1608, after a millennium of Amerindian presence, the story of Quebec and of Canada began. The year 2008 will be marked by major festivities and by fascinating encounters with our Amerindian, French and English origins, and with all the people of the world who will come to visit us.

For this occasion, we invite you to The 16th General Assembly of ICOMOS. During the festivities, you will have the chance to discover our history, our culture, our dynamism and our creativity, as well as our gorgeous autumn scenery, our world-class cuisine and our vast natural landscapes.

Would you like to see the program for the 400th anniversary celebrations?

Consult the website of the Société du 400e anniversaire de Québec.


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