Call for papers


Participants in the ICOMOS 16th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium are invited to submit papers. Please begin by reading the document outlining the symposium’s theme and sub-themes. CLICK HERE to view this document (.pdf).

Papers must fall under one of the symposium’s four sub-themes. The selection process will take into consideration the relevance of the subject to the chosen sub-theme, the geographical location the author represents in order to ensure as far as possible that all areas of the world are duly represented and finally the seriousness, diversity and originality of the views expressed. As the Evaluation Committee must take into account the time allocated for each presentation, the number of oral presentations will be limited.

Abstracts must be written in Word, single-spaced in size 12 Times font and consist of a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 150 words.

The title of the paper must be written in size 14 font and be centred on the page.

The name of the principal author or the person submitting the paper as well as all contact information (full mailing address, phone numbers and e-mail address) must be indicated below the title and aligned to the left of the text.

The sub-theme and key words (maximum of 2) the paper falls under must be indicated below the contact information. Please refer to the key words listed below each sub-theme in the document detailing the symposium’s theme

The principal author or person submitting the paper must include a short curriculum vitae consisting of a maximum of 75 words, to be added at the end of the abstract.

Abstracts must be submitted no later than March 1st 2008 using the Online application form provided. Please follow the instructions when filling out the on-line application form. Paper proposals sent by fax will not be accepted.


All authors will be informed by e-mail by mid-May whether their paper has been selected. Selected authors must send their full paper to the coordinator of the Scientific Committee no later than 15 July 2008. Papers received after this date will be withdrawn from the symposium program.

Selected authors who are unable to give an oral presentation for reasons mentioned above can submit their paper for the symposium in the form of posters (poster session). All authors must indicate on the on-line application form if they wish to present their paper in the form of posters (maximum of 3 posters; format A1 or 24 x 36 inches) should they not be selected to give an oral presentation.

Important: Selected authors who wish to present their paper during the symposium either as an oral presentation or as posters, must be registered as participants in the General Assembly and Scientific Symposium when they submit their full paper, that is to say no later than 15 July 2008. If they are not registered, their oral presentation or posters will be withdrawn from the symposium program.



Abstracts of the papers that have been selected for the symposium will be published in the official program and on the symposium website. Full papers will be published on a CD-Rom that will be included in the Symposium’s official program folder as well as on the symposium website.

A number of selected papers will also be included in a scientific publication produced, following the symposium, by the Institute for Cultural Heritage at Université Laval in Québec City, under the direction of Laurier Turgeon and Michel Bonnette.


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