16th General Assembly of ICOMOS, Quebec, Canada
29 September – 4 October 2008

In accordance with Article 6. A. of the ICOMOS Statutes, Honorary Membership
is conferred by the General Assembly, at the proposal of a National Committee, upon individuals who have rendered distinguished service in the field of conservation, restoration and enhancement of historical monuments, sites, and groups of buildings. The selection is effectuated by the same Selection Committee as for the Gazzola Prize.
So far Honorary Membership of ICOMOS has been conferred on:
1975/78                          Milton Lord - USA
                                      Stanislaw Lorentz - Poland
                                      Jan Zachwatowicz -Poland
1981                               Ernest A. Conally - USA
                                      Guglielmo de Angelis d'Ossat - Italy
                                      Vladimir Ivanov - USSR
                                      Jean Sonnier – France
                             Emanuel Hruska – Czechoslovakia
                                      René Pechčre - Belgium
                                      Alfred R. Schmid - Switzerland
1990                               M.D. Derscenyi - Hungary (posthumously)
                                      Bernard Feilden - UK
                                      H. Foramitti - Austria (posthumously)
                                      M.W. Hansberger – GDR
                                      Ann Webster Smith - USA
1993                               Géza Entz - Hungary (posthumously)
                                      Jorge Gazaneo – Argentina
                                      Alfred Majewski - Poland
                                      Radu Popa - Roumania (posthumously)
                                      Stephan Tschudi-Madsen - Norway
1996                               Cevat Erder - Turkey
                                      Mladen Georgiev Mintchev – Bulgaria
                                      Miklos Horler – Hungary
                                      Dobroslav Libal -Czech Republic
                                      Peyo Nikolov Berbenliev - Bulgaria
                                      Richard Benjamin Nunoo - Ghana
1999                               Maurice Carbonnell - France
                                      Olgierd Czerner - Poland
                                      Hiroshi Daifuku - USA
                                      Joan Domicelj - Australia
                                      Jan Jessurun - the Netherlands
                                      Maija Kairamo - Finland
                                      Harald Langberg - Denmark
                                      Paul Mylonas - Greece
                                      Andras Roman - Hungary
                                      Augusto da Silva Telles – Brazil
2003                               Rachelle Anguelova – Bulgaria
                                      Marta Arjona Perez – Cuba
                                      Yves Boiret – France
                                      Henry Cleere – UK
                                      Robertson Collins – USA (posthumously)
                                      Jacques Dalibard – Canada
                                      Carl Filip Mannerstrale – Sweden (posthumously)
                                      Krzysztof Pawlowski – Poland
                                      CL Temminck Groll – the Netherlands
                                      Mihaly Zador – Hungary (posthumously)
2005                               Sherban Cantacuzino - UK
                                      Alberto González Pozo – Mexico
                                      Varazdat Harutiunyan – Armenia
                                      Nobuo Ito – Japan
                                      Vassos Karageorghis – Cyprus
                                      Todor Krestev – Bulgaria
                                      Victor Armando Pimentel Gurmendi – Peru
                                      Sharon Sullivan – Australia
                                      Blanche Weicherding-Goergen - Luxembourg
All ICOMOS National Committees are invited to nominate candidates for Honorary Membership of ICOMOS
by sending their written nomination, by 31 March 2008 at the latest in either English, French or Spanish to the ICOMOS International Secretariat (49-51 rue de la Fédération, 75015 Paris, France, Tel: 33 1 45 67 67 70, Fax: 33 1 45 66 06 22, e-mail : secretariat@icomos.org ), and including a short but detailed explanation setting forth reasons that the General Assembly should consider for awarding Honorary Membership to the candidate, as well as the candidate’s curriculum vitae.
I am at your disposal should you have any questions on the nomination procedure.
With best regards
Yours sincerely
Gaia Jungeblodt
ICOMOS International Secretariat

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