16th General Assembly of ICOMOS
Call for candidatures and preparation for the ELECTIONS

Dear ICOMOS members,
As we are preparing for the 16th General Assembly to be held in Quebec (Canada) from 29 September – 4 October 2008, and for the elections of the ICOMOS Executive Committee, both for positions of officers and regular members, taking place on that occasion, it is my duty to remind you of some procedural aspects arising from the ICOMOS Statutes and Rules of Procedure for the General Assembly (RoP).
In accordance with the ICOMOS statutes (article 12 c) National Committees can propose candidates for election to the Executive Committee. The list of those candidates must be sent no less than 120 days before the date of the General Assembly to all members of ICOMOS – that is to say by 2 June 2008. In accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly, the members of ICOMOS can still propose further candidates until no later than 17:00 (local time) on the first day of the General Assembly – 30 September 2008 (Article 54.1 RoP). The final list of candidates is then publicly posted 24 hours before the ballot (3 October) at the General Assembly venue (Art 54.2 RoP) following verification of the candidatures by the Candidatures Committee.
I therefore invite you to send your proposals for candidatures by 31 March 2008

ICOMOS International Secretariat
49-51 rue de la Fédération
75015 Paris, France
Tel. 33 1 45 67 67 70, Fax: 33 1 45 66 06 22

This deadline has been set taking into account the time it takes to ensure candidature dossiers are complete and the production timetable of the next ICOMOS Newsletter, in which these candidatures should be published.
The Rules of Procedures of the ICOMOS General Assembly, prescribe under article 54.1, that:

Files on candidates for the Executive Committee must include:
-    a letter of proposal signed by a National Committee or by at least three members of ICOMOS,
-    a brief résumé of the professional career, qualifications and current position of the candidate
     (the brief curriculum vitae should not exceed 250 words)
-    a statement from the candidate to the effect that he/she will serve if elected.
Files on candidates for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer General must include:
-    a letter of proposal signed by a member of lCOMOS,
-    a brief résumé of the professional career, qualifications and current position of the candidate
     (the brief curriculum vitae should not exceed 250 words)
-    seconding letters from at least three other members of ICOMOS representing at least three countries
     other than that of the proposer,
-    a statement from the candidate to the effect that he / she will serve if elected.

Furthermore, following the practice adopted for the last few General Assemblies, all candidates are invited to provide, in addition to the usual candidature dossier, a statement outlining their election platform (not exceeding 750 words) and their passport size photograph
, to enable delegates of the National Committees to make an informed choice when casting their votes.
In order to help the membership appreciate the candidate’s possible contribution to the future Executive Committee, such a statement might include elements such as:
a)      the candidate’s vision of the mission of ICOMOS, and its current and future role,
b)      the candidate’s views on priorities for the next three years relative to ICOMOS’ mission,
c)      the candidate’s proposals on how to achieve his/her vision, including funding,
d)      the candidate’s personal objectives for ICOMOS’ development in the event of he/she is elected.
These statements will be circulated to all National Committees, made available on the ICOMOS web site and possibly published in the ICOMOS Newsletter. They will of course also be posted in an accessible place at the General Assembly venue prior to the elections.
The full candidature dossier
must reach the ICOMOS International Secretariat by 31 March 2008. Candidates should send their electoral platform statement (not exceeding 750 words), the short curriculum vitae (not exceeding 250 words) and passport size photograph (scanned to .jpeg or .gif format) by e-mail (secretariat@icomos.org) to avoid re-typing. The electoral platform and short CV will be published in a maximum of three languages - English, French, and Spanish. However, the ICOMOS Secretariat will not be able to effectuate the translation of texts. Candidates desiring their texts to be published in three languages should therefore supply their own translations.
Candidates are reminded that ICOMOS is not able to provide funding for the attendance of Executive Committee members at the ICOMOS Statutory meetings (1 statutory meeting and usually one/two additional ones) which they are required to attend.
For your information and reference, the statutes of ICOMOS International and the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly currently in force are published on this Web site.
Please do not hesitate to contact me at the International Secretariat if you need any clarifications with regards to the candidature procedure.
Yours sincerely
Gaia Jungeblodt
ICOMOS International Secretariat

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